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Discovery Bible Study is a great tool to help make disciples.

DBS follows along with the Scriptures that we use in our Sunday Gatherings

Read, obey, and share the basics of the DBS process. We read God’s word out loud (if we are in a group) or write it word for word (if we are studying on our own.) Next, we put God’s Words into our own words – just to make sure we really understand what His Word says and to make sure we can share it in informal situations. Finally, we commit to two things: to change our life to obey God’s Word and share what God taught us with at least one other person. 

The instructions on how to use Discover Bible Study, and the DBS passages which go along with our Sunday gatherings, can be found on the Onelife Community Church App. 

Download the Onelife App for iPhone.

Download the Onelife App for Android.

men's dbs

Tuesday mornings from 6:30-7:30am!

worship, fellowship, scripture!

807 Austin St