2023 Response

At the beginning of each year, we invite our church body to

review and respond to our covenant

We're asking- are you in this this year? 

Step 1- Will you prayerfully read the covenant? 

Step 2 - Will you listen to the podcast and decide "Is Tithing Actually Biblical?

Step 3- Will you review your regular gift to Onelife?

Step 1

Read the Covenant and prayerfully consider how you want to respond in 2023. Do you still want to be a member? Being a member of Onelife Community Church means agreeing with the belief statements listed at the beginning and being actively involved in community, on a serve team, and consistently giving. Please email your response (I'm in, Not this year or I have questions) to Emily by clicking the button below. 

Email Emily

Step 2

Listen to this podcast titled "Is Tithing Actually Biblical?" by Everyday Disciple. Let's ask these questions together: Is it biblical? Are we under-giving or over-giving if we are tithing, and how might we give in light of the gospel?Listen here

Step 3

Will you take responsibility for your part of contributing to the ministry of Onelife Community Church by sacrificially and consistently giving? 

Will you review your monthly gift or set up a recurring gift today? review your gift