Faith Moving Forward

This year has absolutely challenged us and tested us…all of us. 

Who would have thought that a virus with the number “19” attached to the end of it would affect the year that ends with a “20” and even into 2021. I’m sure so many of us are ready for 2021 to get here sooner than later.

2020 was filled with the unexpected. 

There’s been a lot of bad, but also a lot of GOOD.

Kitchens became classrooms, 

but pools became places to baptize family and friends.

“Social distancing” didn’t keep you from

feeding & caring for families across Wichita Falls.

Meeting with friends was forced online,

but we worshipped together online in record numbers.

2020 tested our faith, our trust, and the hope and certainty we have in Jesus. God has so much good in store for us.

I’m asking you to join us and have faith moving forward into 2021.

- Ronnie Whitfield

Faith Moving Forward

2024 Vision

  • 100 Disciple Makers

    During this time 100 people will commit to intentionally invest in & disciple 100 people for specified amounts of time.

  • Baptize 0.1%

    As people are following Jesus & on mission .1% of Wichita, Archer, & Clay counties will be baptized. Students baptizing friends, parents baptizing children, coworkers & friends baptizing friends. 

  • Expand Online Ministry

    By 2024 we will increase our online presence to reach, engage, and help people to take their first or next step in following Jesus. 

  • Special Needs Ministry

    Over the course of 36 months we will have an expanded ministry beyond Night To Shine to serve, equip, & spiritually engage children, families, & individuals with special needs.

  • 36 Gospel-Centered Communities

    Our vision by 2024 is to see leaders equipped to plant 36 G-Centered Communities over the course 36 months. Everyday people following Jesus in community & leading others to do the same.