Growth Groups

Growth Groups are offered at 807 Austin during the week. A Growth Group is one where people enjoy spending time together in a gathered event yet group relationships have not been formed. Primarily, these groups are desirable to individuals seeking to grow in their personal knowledge of God and how He is working in their life. We aim to lead people to places of spiritual, emotional, and physical health through DBS, EHS/EHR, and FPU.   

  • Read, obey, and share – the basics of the DBS process. 

    Read God’s word out loud Next, put God’s Words into your own words – just to make sure you really understand what His Word says and to make sure you can share it in informal situations. Finally, commit to two things: to change your life to obey God’s Word and share what God taught you with at least one other person. The instructions on how to use Discover Bible Study, and the DBS passages which go along with our Sunday Gatherings, can be found on the Onelife Community Church App

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  • Dave Ramsey created Financial Peace University nearly 25 years ago after learning how to pay off debt, save and spend wisely, and build wealth. Today, millions have used the same principles to transform their lives.

    Financial Peace University is a 9 week course that will help you take control of money, plan for the future, and transform your life.

  • EHS equips people slow down their lives to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus.

    Confront the Crisis of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

    Know and Become Your Authentic Self in Christ

    Discover How Your Family of Origin Affects You Today

    Find Your Way Through "Walls" to Grow into Maturity

    Enlarge Your Soul Through Embracing Grief and Loss

    Integrate Silence and Sabbath to Slow Down for Jesus

    Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult

    Design a Lifelong Plan to Live in God's Love

  • EHR equips people with practical relationship skills to love others like Jesus.

    Learn Healthy, Life-changing

    Communication Skills

    Stop Allowing Unclear Expectations to Hurt Others

    Discover How Your Family History Impacts Relationships

    Explore How God Is Meeting You in Your Emotions

    Learn How to Listen and Be Present to Others

    Stop Lying About What You Are Really Feeling and Thinking

    Get Tools for Mature Conflict Resolution

    Create a Plan to Love the People In Your Life