Night to shine & Texoma gives

Texoma Gives brings the region together on one day to raise money and awareness for Texoma nonprofits. This initiative, organized by the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation (WFACF), provides an online location to find and support nonprofit organizations whose missions align with your passion. Your monetary gifts make nonprofits stronger and stronger nonprofits make our community stronger.  This year Texoma Gives is on September 9th.  Night to Shine Wichita Falls has participated in Texoma Gives for the last two years.

How Texoma gives works

Texoma Gives offers prizes to non-profits based upon different criteria. The main two categories are: 

a. most dollars given during a specified hour.

b. most unique donors during a specified hour time spot (ex. During a specified hour of time, ten $10 donations would beat 3 $100 donations. Not money amount, but number of donations.)


Texoma Gives is a great opportunity to support Night to Shine & help our Honored Guests have an awesome experience!!

Instead of saying "Support Night to Shine by giving to Texoma Gives.", we will be targeting specific times to give throughout the day.

Unique Donor times (total number of donations, not dollar amount wins):

10-11 AM ($750 prize)

2-3 PM ($1000 prize)

8-9 PM ($500 prize)

Most Dollars given:

1-2 PM ($1000 prize)