Night to shine 2021 is still happening!

February 12th, 2021

The in person live prom will not be able to happen due to Covid-19. However, our team has come up with a full Night To Shine week of activities for you. All of this will lead up to the Friday night LIVE simulcast event from the Tim Tebow Foundation.
Our Night To Shine week will kick off on Monday & Tuesday with a Shine Thru Experience where Honored Guests can pick up their NTS Party Kit at Onelife Community Church. On Wednesday & Thursday we will have online events that will get you ready to party. Friday we will have a NTS float going around town to spread the party spirit. We will let you know closer to the event where & when you can see the float. And Friday at 5pm you can tune in to Tim Tebow's Night To Shine Experience & party in the comfort of your home.

Sponsor an Honored Guest

This year we are creating "Party Kits" for every Honored Guest. These boxes will include all their Night to Shine essentials and a few goodies to make them feel loved! We would love for you to sponsor one of our Honored Guest by donating $35 to cover the cost of their Party Kit! 


as a Honored Guest, Caregiver or Volunteer. 

Honored Guest

Honored Guest this is a free event for you! You must register by December 17, 2020 to receive a 2021 NTS t-shirt.


Care Givers please register so that we can serve your Honored Guest to the best of our abilities.


We need volunteers to make this event happen! There is a registration fee of $10 that will cover your t-shirt, mask & background check.