Will there be a need for buddies? 

We will not use buddies this year since it is a virtual event. We do still need volunteers in order to make this happen! 

What does volunteering look like? 

Volunteers for the following: 

-Before NTS: Box Building (up to 3 weeks before to NTS) 

-Before NTS: Administrative Assistance (up to 3 weeks before to NTS)

-Before NTS: Making a NTS float

-Before NTS: Decoration Team

-NTS Week: Mon & Tues - Shine Thru (be at Onelife for HG to pick up Party Kits)

-NTS Week: Wed - Online Event

-NTS Week: Thurs - Online Event

-NTS Week: Fri - All Day Parade (Join our caravan and drive by HG houses to make them feel loved)

Is there a meal provided for an Honored Guest? 

Due to CDC guidelines and rules by the Tim Tebow Foundation we will not be providing a meal for Night to Shine.

How do I sign up to Volunteer, be an Honored Guest or as a Caregiver? 

Sign up at Onelifecc.org/night-to-shine

What does the week of events look like? 

-Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings Honored Guests will come drive by Onelife and receive your party kit! 

-Wednesday and Thursday Onelife will host an online event for all Honored Guests that want to join! 

-Friday, Onelife will drive around on our one of a kind Night to Shine Wichita Falls Float with a parade of people to see all our Honored Guests. Then at 5pm Tim Tebow will host an online experience for all Honored Guests to tune in to.

Will there be a Shine Shop this year? 

Unfortunately, we will not have a Shine Shop this year. In order to keep socially distanced we have decided to not open. We strongly encourage wearing an outfit from years past so you can still dress up like the Kings and Queens you are! 

If I can’t volunteer, how can I help?

Donate! This event still cost money to provide the best experience for our Honored Guest. For $35 you can Sponsor an Honored Guest to ensure they get a party kit. http://OCC.Live/SponsorNTS

How do you plan on keeping people safe with COVID?
We are taking all the precautions recommended by CDC and the Tim Tebow Foundation. All items received by the Honored Guests will be sanitized and handled by volunteers wearing masks and gloves.