"Thank You"

I've witnessed so many amazing moments and lives being changed through this body over the course of this last year. By God’s grace & through His Spirit, you are fulfilling our purpose. These moments and miracles are directly related to the investment you have made in the mission and His Kingdom.

Here are a few images that barely scratch the surface of 2021.

Through the Association of Related Churches we helped launch

64 new churches

Public Professions of faith through baptism

Continued Support for Alison Achieng’s work to rescue girls in Kenya

Adapted to provide a Different Night to Shine Experience

Supporting Andrew Namuyimba in providing food & Bibles to those in Uganda

growing families

"Christmas for the Stars" & Hosting Christmas Parties for our Friends with Disabilities

As I mentioned, this is only a small snapshot of what God has done and is doing through Onelife.  Your tithing and sacrificial giving of time and resources honors God and has made all the difference!  Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through our church, and I’m expectant and excited to see God’s plan unfold among us in 2022.

“We were made for this”  Ephesians 2:10

Ronnie Whitfield